From the Media Release in 2006:  Heavy is proud to release "Telluric" by Night Radio 

It can be listened to and purchased at  Night Radio HQ BandCamp. 

Set the scene in a small town in Australia, then gently blend the intimacy of Harvest by Neil Young together with a Raymond Carver eye for detail and poignancy, add melody and swing, and warm over an open fire…

There is a wistful and poetic eye cast over the characters and landscape that songwriter Darrell Archer has drawn, being fully painted out by an sympathetic and mature band incorporating piano, bass, guitar and drums with some fiddle, banjo, clarinet and organ adding shade. 


Produced by Tony Dupe (Holly Throsby, Jack Ladder, Grand Salvo) on Saddleback Mountain featuring largely live to analogue recordings and, encouraged to their final stage over a thoughtful period of time, Telluric breathes the air of the bush, and explores the trials and losses of many ordinary country characters.

The album opens with the line "she lost her man in a three car pile up, on a north coast highway driving in the rain…" wrapped in a sweet fingerpicked guitar line, you are immediately drawn into this woman’s tragic circumstance wanting to know more, setting the tone for this gentle dark journey. Your heart survives this poignant tale to hear more stories of small town lives (cast in details and names).

The unending driving and searching that it is to be Australian is a lyrical spine of sorts, and the country and folk leanings of the music allow the lyrics to unfold in both a haunting and comforting way. 

This is an enthralling and giving album and one that will be embraced by lovers of mature quality songwriting. 

Review from Divide and Conquer